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DATA MINDS delivers comprehensive integrated solutions that help our customers to adapt to market changes.

DATA MINDS is one of Market Leaders in Business continuity solutions

Business Continuty (BC)

Business Continuity (BC) is defined as the capability of theorganization to continue delivery of products or services atacceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident.IT service continuity undoubtedly is at or near the very top ofevery IT organization’s list of strategic initiatives, consideringthe dramatic costs and implications of downtime as the averagecost per hour of a service disruption is $111,000

Data Archiving and Storage Management

Today’s global operations and business applications demandrapid response times and premier service levels, 24/7. At thesame time, IT managers face greater volumes of data distributedacross different platforms and resources—from applicationsto the storage system. Additional challenges include IT staffshortages, accurate capacity planning, virtual server proliferationand rising operational costs.

Data Protection Backup and Recovery

Imagine that you are on your company Data center at workwhen suddenly one of your servers shuts down or hang or theapplication refused to respond. You did some maintenance,fixes and then rebooted your server only to find that an errormessage appears. It tells you that a fatal error occurred andthe application or DB no more working.

Data Management Solutions

In field of IT the data is the “life blood” of an organization, foras it flows between systems, databases, applications.. etc ,it carries with it the ability to make the organization smarterand more effective. The highest performing organizations payclose attention to the data asset, not as an afterthought butrather as a core part of defining, designing, and constructingtheir systems and databases.

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Information system Security

systems security, refers to the processes and methodologiesinvolved with keeping information confidential, available, andassuring its integrity.

Cloud Security Solutions

The usable technologies to deliver the information System<br />Security solutions include the below:<br />Symantec end point protection<br />Symantec Messaging Gateway<br />Symantec PGP<br />Symantec Data Loss Prevention<br />Symantec Mail Security for E...

Our Partners for this Solutions

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