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DATA MINDS delivers comprehensive integrated solutions that help our customers to adapt to market changes.

IT InfraStructure Solutions 


Our Team in DATA MINDS have about 15 Years of Experience in Microsoft Solutions.

Active Directory
Office 365
Windows Azure
SQL Server
Share Point
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Citrix Solutions

Citrix WorkSpace
Citrix Netscaler
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Cloud Solutions

Remove barriers to innovation and improve productivity with on-demand Cloud Services. Cloud-enable applications and become more agile, competitive and cost-effective. Meet the need for security, control, and compliance with the right cloud. We give you everything you need to run your business and meet the demands by putting our Cloud Services at the core. Our Cloud Services lets you respond quickly, frees up capital, allows you to scale up or down to meet unknown demand, and reduce costs.

Cloud Attributes

High end, high availability (HA) infrastructure<br />Robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs)<br />Rapid scalability to respond to business demands<br />Individual node uptime reliability<br />Supports multiple Operating Systems (OS)<br />Lower Costs

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With DATA MINDS, IT resources applications, compute, storage, and networking are securely delivered as a service, deploying infrastructure capacity on demand, on a shared multi-tenant platform.

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Tight budgets and limited resources are pushing organizations to do more with less. IT is no exception. In your data center, IT executives attempt to reduce costs and resource-intensive tasks through automation, data centralization, and data consolidation. The issues are inherent, though, with servers that are designed to run a single operating system and a single application at a time. Even for smaller organizations, the need for multiple servers is common.virtualized environments capably address your IT infrastructure availability, scalability and business continuity challenges.

Virtual Advantages
Regardless of your business size, Custom’s virtualization solutions are THE the way to lower your IT infrastructure costs, reduce IT management, and maximize your existing IT resources. As a VMware partner, we are on the leading-edge of the latest innovations in virtualization, and apply them as appropriate in our solutions. Call Custom for virtualization solutions that can stretch your resources – and give you better performance, higher availability, and peace of mind across your IT infrastructure.

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Our Partners on Virtualization Solutions

With DATA MINDS Our Team Had Accomplished more Than 100 Project in Virtualization Solution in Different Companies from Different Industries.


In large enterprises and organizations, employees must interact with multiple applications and access sensitive information. Each application has its own authentication methods that require users to specify different usernames and passwords. This forces the users to maintain and manage different usernames and passwords to each of the different applications, which can be inconvenient and difficult.
This leads to, the number of passwords required from users never stops growing. so It becomes necessary to simplify access to your information system.
To resolve these issues, a solution is needed to avoid the necessity of users remembering numerous passwords while simultaneously providing users access to the required sensitive data without compromising on security.

Single Sign-on Benefits:

• Reduce the number of passwords users must remember and
• Enhance policy management
• Decrease helpdesk tickets and password reset requests
• Improve user adoption rates for SSO-enabled applications
• Increase productivity
• Strengthen enterprise security.

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Self-Hosted Enterprise File Share


Simple and Secure Access to Enterprise Data from Any Device:
• Multiple ways to access remote enterprise data securely: Web access, Sync, Drive,
Mobile Apps.
• Alternative to archaic VPN and FTP.
Secure Sharing with Multiple Custom Settings:
• Offers sharing files and folders as an open-to-public link or as a private passwordprotected
• Provides a variety of control options which allow users to limit the number of downloads,
size of uploads and expiry on a shared link
• Share notification is a unique feature to notify the administrator if any specific file has
been shared; helps with monitoring critical data.

 The Simplest Way to Bring Cloud Access to Existing File Storage:

Enterprises can keep their existing processes and infrastructure as our solution runs on
existing infrastructure; supports:
• NTFS • Network shares • Active Directory • Multi tenancy